My Story: There is a "Deborah" in every woman 

"I was waiting for an answer 'out there,' and it turned out the substance of my very life was the whole problem."


About a month before I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, a North Carolina doctor was jailed -- yes you read that right -- for prescribing multiple rounds of antibiotics for a Lyme sufferer who couldn't get well. My own doctor waited dangerously long for test results before she would diagnose me. I went without antibiotics for nine weeks. By that time, Lyme bacteria invaded my brain and central nervous system. 

It took an "all of the above approach" -- some would call it kitchen sink -- before I could function. 

What was in that kitchen sink? Essential oils; clean vitamin and vegetable-infused shakes; a wholesale tossing out of everything processed, artificial, and lethal in foods; a new confession and profession (mine was I Peter 2:24, "By His stripes, ye were healed"); intercessory prayer on my behalf; and hands-on prayer in my living room. 

Within weeks of dropping gluten, replacing sugar with honey, and cooking everything from scratch, detoxing with the oils, and all-out warrior prayer, I stopped identifying as a sufferer of the disease. Eight weeks later, my debilitating joint pain and fatigue was gone, and I entered the most prolific period of writing and publication in my life.  


The Ministry of Angelbread:
"I work with people bound in toxic lives. Through prayer, meditation, therapeutic writing, and food revolution, the New Person emerges. Healing and transformation is our bread, not suffering and conformity! Everything is guided by the Word of God. 


Andrea Mosier

Counseling via Skype: email first

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